Clinical Coach Standardisation

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Standardisation events are essential for all clinical coaches that are supporting veterinary nursing students. All clinical coaches must attend at least one standardisation event per year.

The College of Animal Welfare’s standardisation sessions provide an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions with other clinical coaches from a variety of practices. Meet up with other clinical coaches, share best practices and find out the latest news and developments in veterinary nurse training. You will also have the opportunity to work on any problem areas to ensure that clinical coaches are working towards the same targets and standards.

In order to attend our clinical coach standardisation, you must be a Registered Veterinary Nurse or Veterinary Surgeon currently employed by a Training Practice affiliated with The College of Animal Welfare (CAW), or be an active clinical coach for a CAW student within your practice.

Our clinical coach standardisation sessions are free of charge but are only offered to those who meet the above criteria.

To book a place, select the relevant course below, fill out you details and submit.

Your information will be checked by a member of our short course team in order for your booking to be processed.  You will receive a confirmation email in due course, at least one month prior to the course date if booking in advance.

Don’t forget to book onto Clinical Coach Congress, our annual event aimed at veterinary nursing training and student support. Open to all Training Practices and clinical coaches throughout the U and is a recognised standardisation event!

Descriptions of each topic

1. First Steps

This is aimed at revisiting the first steps of being a clinical coach. If you are a new clinical coach or restarting after a break this is for you.

2. Improving your Information technology and OSCE skills

Learn how to use the CAW VLE to support your student and improve your knowledge of OSCE skills.

3. Tutorials to assist supporting and planning for students’ progress

An overview of tutorials covering how to use tutorials successfully to plan, set SMART targets and review progress.

Programme Schedule

All locationsEdinburghHuntingdonLeedsPotters BarWebinar
Online StandardisationAny dayAny timeFree of charge* CAW VLESupporting a Degree Placement Student23/11/201812:00-14:30Free of charge*Lunch not includedLeedsSupporting a Degree Placement Student28/11/201810:00-12:30Free of charge*Lunch not includedHuntingdonOSCES18/01/201910:00-12:30Free of charge*Lunch not includedPotters BarTutorials & First Steps13/02/201910:00-12:30Free of charge*Lunch not includedHuntingdonTutorials & First Steps22/02/201910:00-12:30Free of charge*Lunch not includedLeedsTutorials & First Steps22/02/201910:00-12:30Free of charge*Lunch not includedEdinburghTutorials & First Steps15/03/201910:00-12:30Free of charge*Lunch not includedPotters BarOSCES22/05/201910:00-12:30Free of charge*Lunch not includedHuntingdonStudent Support31/05/201910:00-12:30Free of charge*Lunch not includedPotters BarOSCES14/06/201913:30-16:00Free of charge*Lunch not includedEdinburghOSCES20/06/201914:00-16:30Free of charge*Lunch not includedLeedsOSCES26/07/201910:00-12:30Free of charge*Lunch not includedPotters BarStudent Support06/09/201910:00-12:30Free of charge*Lunch not includedPotters BarStudent Support18/09/201910:00-12:30Free of charge*Lunch not includedHuntingdonStudent Support19/09/201910:00-12:30Free of charge*Lunch not includedLeedsStudent Support20/09/201910:00-12:30Free of charge*Lunch not includedEdinburghSupporting a Degree Placement Student08/11/201910:00-12:30Free of charge*Lunch not includedPotters BarSupporting a Degree Placement Student06/12/201913:30-16:00Free of charge*Lunch not includedEdinburghSupporting a Degree Placement Student11/12/201913:00-15:30Free of charge*Lunch not includedHuntingdonSupporting a Degree Placement Student12/12/201914:00-16:30Free of charge*Lunch not includedLeeds
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