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Backyard Poultry: Nursing, husbandry, hints and tips

The College of Animal WelfareTime: 6.00 CPD HoursCourse fee: £265
Birds can be challenging patients in the veterinary practice setting.  With chickens now the 6th most popular pets in the UK, vet practices are seeing these patients more and more frequently, alongside other poultry. 
By understanding the biology and behaviour of birds, and how they differ to our mammal patients, we can have far greater success in nursing and treating pet chickens, ducks and other poultry species. 

But before they need our attention, it’s important that care is taken to provide them with the right husbandry, nutrition and preventative medical care. 

In this brand new course we’ll discuss this important aspect of poultry health so you can confidently advise your poultry clients how to care for their flock. 

This full day course will build your knowledge and confidence in caring for poultry and will cover the following:

  • Poultry ID, husbandry, handling and hospitalisation
  • Husbandry and care of backyard poultry flocks
  • Anatomy and common clinical conditions
  • Clinical techniques and parameters (feeding, venous access, fluid therapy, pharmacology)
  • Safe and successful anaesthesia techniques, tips & tricks

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