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Dealing with Geriatric Patients

The College of Animal WelfareDate: Time: Venue: CAW LeedsCourse fee: £265Lecturer: James McMurrough ->
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This course is aimed to help you improve your knowledge and understanding when dealing with geriatric patients.

    The continued advancement of medical knowledge manifested in the availability of more sophisticated diagnostic testing, advances in specialised nutrition, and newer therapeutic options,along with education regarding early warning signs of disease and routine screening for age-related disease has better positioned veterinary professionals to treat age-related problems and provide the high-quality healthcare these owners are demanding.

    This full day course will give delegates an improved knowledge and understanding when dealing with these patients, including:

    • Admitting geriatric patients to the clinic and considering their organ system changes and how that can impact on their nursing care plan.
    • Nutrition of the geriatric patient. 
    • Considering cognitive function changes, and how we can adapt our patient’s environment to make their hospitalisation less stressful.
    • How to create anaesthesia plans for geriatric patients, considering their organ system changes, drug selection and monitoring.
    • How to support geriatric patients under anaesthesia – what to do when things go wrong!
    • Common geriatric disorders including heart disease, renal disease and hyperthyroidism. 

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