More than just Diarrhoea - Gastroenterology for Nurses

The College of Animal WelfareDate: Time: Venue: CAW LeedsCourse fee: £185Lecturer: James McMurrough ->
4Spaces available. Book now Learn the top tips of many gastrointestinal diseases affecting small animals. From pancreatitis to regurgitation & IBD, this covers it all!
This course will teach you the pathophysiology of the most important gastrointestinal diseases covering acute and chronic presentations. Improve your clinical approach to patients, learn the importance of sample assessment, what do the patient’s signs tell me about the disease & how to formulate effective nursing care plans.

Your nursing approach can completely change the patient’s pathway and outcome. With a greater understanding, you can tackle any GI disease head on when they need you the most!

  • Pathophysiology – what does it mean to have diarrhoea, vomiting or regurgitation?
  • Clinical Signs – what does our patient’s appetite, demeanour and diarrhoea tell us?
  • Clinical Examination – the importance of hydration status and abdominal palpation
  • Diagnosis – getting the best out of abdominal imaging and faecal analysis
  • Management – what is the role of antibiosis in GI disease? What are the current nutrition recommendations? 
  • Nursing considerations – how can you make a difference?
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