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Rabbit Nutrition and Hospitalisation

The College of Animal WelfareDate: Time: Venue: CAW North London →Course fee: £145Lecturer: Claire Speight →
1212 spaces available. Book now Nutrition is key to keep rabbits healthy and also to aid recovery from illness. Learn what nutritional requirements rabbits have and how to provide these to help prevent many of the common health problems we see in rabbits.
Nursing hospitalised rabbits can be intensive with lots to think about. Rabbits have complex species specific needs and being able to nurse them correctly is key to aiding recovery and ensuring their stress to kept to a minimum.

During this half day delegates will learn:

  • Nutritional requirements for rabbits to keep them healthy and what their diet should (and shouldn’t) consist of
  • Caring for rabbits in a hospital environment to ensure optimum patient care – supportive feeding, fluid therapy, medicating, environmental requirements and managing stress
  • How to preform common clinical techniques such as IV catheter placement, blood sampling and intubation.

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