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Rabbit nutrition, breed related problems and hand rearing rabbits - Half Day

The College of Animal WelfareDate: Time: Venue: CAW LeedsCourse fee: £145Lecturer: Claire Speight ->
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Nutrition is key to keep rabbits healthy and also to aid recovery from illness. Learn what nutritional requirements rabbits have and how to provide these.

Rabbit breeds vary massively in fur type and size. Some breeds of rabbits are more prone to certain health complaints and some of these may be avoided or lessened with early owner education. 

Brachycephalic and lop eared rabbits are often more prone to dental and ear problems and long haired rabbits, Rex rabbits and giant breeds can all be predisposed to particular problems.

At times nurses are required to hand rear young rabbits and these young are often totally helpless and dependent upon their carer. They need specific care otherwise their chances of survival are extremely slim.

Learn how to care for baby rabbits to try and ensure a successful outcome.

Providing enrichment is also important but many owners are unaware of how to offer their rabbits the opportunity to embark upon natural behaviours. As nurses, we can help to improve the lives of our clients rabbits by offering advice on enrichment.

During this half day session delegates will learn:

  • Breed specific conditions and nursing requirements
  • Hand rearing abandoned or orphaned rabbits – their needs and the potential pitfalls
  • Rabbit enrichment – how to advise owners on providing natural rabbit behaviours
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